Britomart Train Station

The Britomart Rail Station project was a landmark project and highlighted the breadth and depth of Cooke Industries’ product range, incorporating industrial dampers, displacement diffusers, ductwork, attenuators, and acoustic doors with a combined $2.5M order value.

The Opus Consultants’ design was the largest displacement ventilation project in New Zealand, with over 200 custom diffusers handling over 182m 3/s. These specialised TROX displacement diffusers were custom designed to suit the strict architectural requirements and locally manufactured in 316-BA polished stainless steel. Ranging in size from 300 diameter x 1200mm high to 700 diameter x 2500mm high, they incorporated special bases to withstand crowd loading and vandalism; emergency light fittings; glass balustrade supports; signage; and were designed to be self-balancing - no mean task when the supply duct runs were some 250m long. The designs were rigorously tested to meet the projects aerodynamic, acoustic, and structural requirements.


Cooke also provided over 260off TROX industrial fire and smoke rated isolating dampers to the project; isolation dampers to each of the 2000mm axial supply and exhaust fans; balancing dampers to the main concourse exhaust plenum; and fire dampers to the supply ductwork serving the back of house areas. Fabricated from both 316 and 304 stainless steel to withstand the harsh environment, some with additional powder coated black finish to minimise reflection, the JFO dampers supplied have been design life tested through 8-million cycles at a +/- 6kPa pressure differential; equivalent to cycling every 2-minutes, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, for a period of 30-years.

Noise attenuation and acoustic barriers were provided by a number of NAP Silentflo silencers and acoustic doors, the largest being four off units 9900W x 3500H x 3600mm long on the station exhaust systems. Hydraulically operated single and double leaf acoustic doors served as acoustic barriers between plant and train spaces and operation areas.