Cooke Industries are a leading HVAC service company in the Auckland and Waikato regions.
Service is provided in the following broad categories:

  • Individually tailored maintenance and service contracts for mechanical services systems in buildings.
  • Small works associated with tenancy fitouts, plant replacements and new installations.
  • Installation of company products; air handling units, attenuators, water chillers, boilers, diffusers - for new and replacement applications.
  • Start up, warranty, routine and breakdown maintenance of HVAC and refrigeration equipment.
  • Energy audit and analysis
  • Building health surveys and problem solving.
  • Condition surveys to ascertain the status of plant.
  • IQP certification of mechanical services systems.

We hold particular skills in engineering fitting, refrigeration and air conditioning service, boiler service, electrical wiring and electronics servicing.

When you have Cooke Industries Services on board you get the benefit of extensive experience and a passion for the industry. That passion transfers through to the work that we carry out.

The service provided includes 24hr on call for urgent after-hours breakdowns.

Service and Maintenance


Cooke Industries Services are able to utilise their expertise as a leading manufacturer to provide documented planned maintenance packages to suit all of our equipment ranges as well as those of other manufacturers. The benefits of Cooke Care maintenance contracts are:

  • Fixed price preventative maintenance for the duration of the contract.
  • Rapid response to breakdown, guaranteed timeframes can be included.
  • In the event that any additional work is required on the equipment outside of the terms of the contract agreement, fixed costs for our direct labour and mileage will be stated in advance.
  • Cooke Industries Services operate a 24/7/365 call out service policy. This service will enable you to contact our duty engineer outside of normal working hours and in certain cases assistance can be given over the telephone. However, our duty engineer will be on call to attend site, usually within one hour. This service is made available, without charge, to provide an enhanced service to our maintenance contract holders.
  • You will be issued with a Certificate of Compliance for the Building Warrant of Fitness at the anniversary date.

Maintenance contracts can be tailored to suit your requirements, from fully comprehensive Cooke Care Platinum to the simplest Cooke Care Bronze package.

Cooke Industries Services employs chiller technicians who have been factory trained in Cooke, Chillerpak, Multichill, Thermocold, Clivet, Dunham Bush and Trane chillers. Our technicians also have extensive experience with other brands of chillers. We are also authorised installers of Fujitsu, Mitsubishi and Temperzone equipment.

Small Works Installation


Cooke Industries Services offer small works associated with office fit outs, plant replacement and new installations, primarily in the small to medium commercial and light industrial markets.

We have specific skills in plant replacement and retrofit works and these can be combined with an energy audit to allow energy efficiency measure to be incorporated in the system changes. Often significant energy savings can be demonstrated and the payback will help offset the capital outlay.

Our differentiating point is our technical expertise in design; we approach the job with full engineering resources to ensure the finished product delivers to the customers expectations. We fully believe that this approach leads to a better product and a lower overall job cost.

Cooke Industries Services has experience in control system engineering and this can be utilised to achieve smoother control and more economic operation. We also work with some of the best control companies in New Zealand and draw on their expertise where required.

Energy Audit


Energy management delivers major savings. Cooke Industries will thoroughly analyse how your heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems are running. We will then recommend and offer to implement a management scheme to ensure these systems are operating as they were designed and to deliver optimum energy performance and comfort to occupants.

  • Were systems fully commissioned at the outset?
  • Is there a full maintenance programme in place?
  • Are controls properly configured and run?
  • Is energy use monitored and analysed?
  • Is there a method for switching equipment off when it is not needed?

Cooke Industries will answer all these questions and more by auditing the building services, using meters to assess energy usage patterns and thermal imaging cameras to identify areas of waste and poor performance without major disruption to your routine.

Any capital investment required to improve performance will be recouped by savings from reduced energy consumption - that's guaranteed. This can help you gain the competitive advantage you need by reducing short and long term energy costs.

Independent Qualified Person

Cooke Industries Services are registered in both the Auckland and Waikato regions as Independent Qualified Person for the following categories:

  • Escape route pressurisation systems
  • Mechanical ventilation or air conditioning
  • Laboratory fume cupboards

This allows Cooke Industries Services to certify that buildings we maintain are carried to the standards required by the New Zealand Building Code. We also assist other companies to attain their Building Warrant of Fitness by carrying out IQP inspections and audits of their maintenance records.