Chilled Beam Control System

Airvent's new ControlAir chilled beam control system provides sophisticated control yet is simple to use, and is factory mounted and pre-programmed to the customer's requirements for true plug & play operability.

Airvent ControlAir1Airvent ControlAir2

With the ControlAir product, Airvent present a Web and Modbus based management solution for chilled beams that is factory mounted and configured for quick on-site installation and eco-friendly regulation and control.  The special features of this controller are:

  • Plug & Play operability pre-configured in the factory to user requirements.
  • Dual PID regulation of cooling and heating circuits.
  • Temperature sensors.
  • Anti-condensation sensors.
  • Fresh air damper control.
  • Presence detector for control of lighting, temperature and primary air supply.
  • Standard wall mounted setpoint adjustor.
  • Window opening sensors.
  • On-board master-slave functionality.
  • Web based interface or Modbus communication.
  • Energy saving operation modes.
Airvent ControlAir3

The ControlAir product is suitable for the following Airvent chilled beam ranges:

  • OptimAir range of two-way discharge active chilled beams.
  • PremiAir range of four-way discharge active chilled beams.
  • CornerAir range of one-way discharge active chilled beams.
  • HotelAir range of one-way side-wall discharge active chilled beams.