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Air Handling

  • Air Handling Units

    Premium quality heavy duty double skin central station air handling units using the latest developments in air movement technology.
    Air Handling Units
  • Fan Coil Units

    With guaranteed thermal, aerodynamic and acoustic performance, and featuring ultra high efficiency and low energy electrically commutated motors, these fan coil units are the market leaders in terms of energy saving.
    Fan Coil Units
  • Ductwork

    High quality ductwork from the most automated ductshop in New Zealand.
  • Energy Recovery Ventilators

    Compact fresh air ventilators featuring the recovery of sensible and latent energy available from exhaust air.
    Energy Recovery Ventilators
  • Louvres, Dampers & Eliminators

    Kitset or pre-assembled accessories for ductwork and air handling systems.
    Louvres, Dampers & Eliminators
  • Centrifugal Fans

    HVAC and Industrial centrifugal fans in single inlet and double inlet styles from size 160 to 2000 diameter.
    Centrifugal Fans
  • Rooftop Package Units

    High specification rooftop packaged units featuring high efficiency and active thermodynamic heat recovery.
    Rooftop Package Units
  • Chilled Beams

    The latest advances in chilled beam technology combine aesthetic flexibility with economic functionality to produce the next generation in building services systems.
    Chilled Beams
  • Heat Recovery & Dehumidification Products

    Heat Recovery & Dehumidification Products
    Heat Recovery & Dehumidification Products
  • Unit Heaters

    Gas fired, steam and hot water air heaters for ducted and stand alone applications.
    Unit Heaters
  • Heat Transfer Coils

    High efficiency finned coils for chilled water, LPHW, steam, DX and condenser applications.
    Heat Transfer Coils