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With guaranteed thermal, aerodynamic and acoustic performance, and featuring ultra high efficiency and low energy electrically commutated motors, these fan coil units are the market leaders in terms of energy saving.

  • Over 20years of fan coil unit development and production.
  • High and low static models.
  • Horizontal & vertical options.
  • High walls, cassettes, floor mounted, wall mounted, concealed ducted or exposed variants.

Fan Coil Units

PolarAir PDWH Fan Coil UnitPolarAir PCGH Cassette1PolarAir PDWL Fan Coil Unit

Featuring the most complete range of AC & EC driven hydronic fan coil units on the market, these units are available in:

  • High Walls - Range of 7 sizes from nominal 1kW to 5.4kW cooling capacity.
  • Cassettes - Range of 7 sizes from nominal 3.2kW to 10.9kW cooling capacity.
  • Low Static Ducted Units - Range of 9 sizes from nominal 1.7kW to 9.9kW cooling capacity & 60Pa static.
  • High Static Ducted Units - Range of 8 sizes from nominal 6kW to 20kW cooling capacity & 150Pa static.
  • Wall-mounted and Under ceiling Exposed Units - Range of 9 sizes from nominal 2kW to 11.7kW cooling capacity.

Each application group is a market leader in terms of energy saving, and features:

  • Universal integrated on-board or remote control system options
  • Total Control configuration for complete system control including master-slave and Modbus protocol for BMS communication.
  • Flexi Control configuration for unit control from an external thermostat with additional control of drain pump, louvers and zonal control of product operations.
  • Available for 2 & 4-pipe systems
  • Interchangeable left/ right-side coil connections
  • Eurovent certification of performance.
  • CE and ETL approvals.